Based on the capacity of our facility and for the safety of our clients and staff, you will be scheduled in one of two intake types. Please, listen carefully to the appointment confirmation at the end of scheduling your appointment. If you are scheduled for an in-house appointment, you have to bring all of the required documents at the time of your appointment. If you are scheduled for a phone interview, please have all required documents ready at the time of your appointment as we will be going over your documents and will be mailing the application to you after the phone interview.

Face masks are required at all times while on our premises. Only one person is allowed to come to the appointment. No children are allowed to come in. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you will not be seen and you will need to reschedule.

List of Docs to Submit

You may fill out a pre-appointment application so that we can better serve you and help process your application in a shorter time frame. Please, go to and fill out the form with your confirmation number.

Failure to bring all required printed documentation with you to your appointment will delay your assistance. We require below documents:

  • All gross income received for everyone living in your house during the previous 3 calendar months, not including the month of your appointment. Income documents include: All pay stubs, award letters, proof of TANF, GAU, SSI or Social Security or Pension Award, unemployment printouts or stubs showing each payment, business ledgers if self-employed, child support documents or a signed statement from the payer. For any month in which anyone age 18 and older has no income, an Employment Security Self-Request for Records form must be signed. Multi-Service Center will fax the Self-Request to Employment Security to verify recent employment and/or unemployment income. All people living in your house age 18 years or older who have had no income for all of the previous 3 months must also sign a no income statement provided by Multi-Service Center.
  • Social security card or other legal document with the social security number and name for each person living in your house.
  • Picture ID with the birth date and name of the person who will be signing the application, such as driver?s license or passport.
  • Lease agreement or rent receipt.
  • You may also bring your subsidized housing calculation worksheet, or mortgage or tax statement if you are a homeowner.
  • Your current heating bill and your electric bill, if they are not the same.

For Self Employed income, please provide business ledgers or business bank statements listing gross income. If you have business expenses, you can choose to accept a standard $100 deduction each month or you will need to bring the receipts or bank statements. These must show the description of the expense, the date, and the amount in order for the expense to be deducted from gross income. MSC's energy assistance program cannot deduct everything that can be deducted on taxes. Tax forms are not acceptable as proof of self employed income or expenses.

Please note after reviewing your documents we may request additional information to complete your application.


MSC offers people pathways out of poverty through support and resources in education, employment, housing, energy assistance, food, and clothing. MSC has seven different service sites.

Locations of MSC Energy Assistance sites

  • Federal Way Office
  • Steel Lake Outreach Site
  • Kent Office
  • Kent Outreach Site
  • Burien Office
  • Renton Outreach Site
  • Enumclaw Outreach Site
  • Tukwila Outreach Site

Based on your zip code and funding availability, you will be automatically assigned to one of the above location.

Within minutes of making your appointment, you should receive a confirmation email with a calendar appointment attached to the email. In addition, you will also receive a phone reminder the day before your appointment.

Appointments can be canceled or made on this website or our automated phone system by dialing 253-517-2263. Due to high demand on energy assistance, there may not be appointment available at this time. Please be patient and try again later.